DUR Board / DUR Subcommittees

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    DUR Board

    The KIDS DUR Board promotes patient safety through an increased review and awareness of medications. It advises and assesses DUR criteria for the retrospective and prospective DUR program. It also suggests and develops educational interventions for physicians, pharmacists and patients that improve healthcare. The Board discusses current issues and initiatives.

    The DUR Board is composed of :
    - Physicians
    - Pharmacists
    - DUR specialists
    - Government-related persons

    The Board members are appointed for two-year terms and the meeting is held quarterly.

    Responsibilities of the DUR Board include :
    - Selection of target drugs for review
    - Assessment of DUR criteria
    - Performance of prospective, retrospective drug use reviews
    - Development of DUR educational interventions

    DUR Subcommittees

    The KIDS DUR Subcommittees, which function as the expert advisory panels, are composed of delegates from medical and pharmacy societies, who are specialists in the field.

    Currently, there are 14 specialized subcommittees
    - Antibacterials/antifungals, analgesics/immunosuppressants, gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine,   psychiatry/neurology, allergy/immunology, diabetes/endocrinology, anticancer medicine, dermatology/urology,   geriatric medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, pharmacoepidemiology, others

    The role of the subcommittees is to :
    - Participate in development of DUR criteria
    - Suggest and comment on the applicability of DUR criteria in practice settings
    - Evaluate retrospective utilization reviews