Introduction of NIMS

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1. What is NIMS?

NIMS is a sustainable monitoring system that tracks overall handling information of narcotics and psychotropic drugs from manufacturers to end-users (i.e. import, manufacture, sell, transfer, purchase, compound, administer, etc) and manages the integrated information including prescription records and patient treatment records.

Electronic and serial number-based reporting system makes reporting much easier for the narcotics and psychotropic drugs handlers. By providing software linkage guidance like API and ESB for medical software such as EMR, ERP, and patient management programs, NIMS also minimizes inconveniences of reporting.

NIMS is the world’s first narcotics management system that utilizes online surveillance of narcotics to surveil and monitor all narcotic handlers and detect suspicious distribution of narcotics.

2. System Architecture

3. Benefits of NIMS

NIMS promotes desired behavioral change in prescribing narcotics and psychotropic drugs in Korea. Specifically, KIDS operates the system, utilizes the collected big data from healthcare professionals, and analyzes every volume and pattern to send out safety letters to alert those who prescribe narcotics much more than others to prevent over-prescribing.

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