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    □ Adverse Drug Reaction(ADR) Relief System

     System to socially admit the risk of side effects due to drug and medical supplies, and to protect all of the victims, the drug manufacturers and the medical suppliers from serious damages that can happen to anyone even with a very low possibility.

     JUL 2013 : Initiation of amendments to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

     MAR 2014 : National Assembly adopt the amendment for enforcement of relief of injury from adverse drug  reaction

     DEC 2014 : Implementation of receipt, investigation, indemnification of relief of injury from ADR

     FEB 2015 : 2015 First-half year Allotment Collection
    - 378 out of total 380 pharmaceuticals paid (Collection rate 99.7%)

     APR 2015 : First payment decision on lump sum for death and payment of compensation(April, 2015)
    - Toxic epidermal necrolysis from lamotrigine and DRESS syndrome from carbamazepine

     Damage Relief Consultation and Cases Received

    □ ADR Relief System Flow Chart


    □ Types of Relief Benefits