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Drug safety and risk management is the core of public health!

With increasing drug use for chronic conditions and aging population, drug safety issues have become more important in public health. Since medicines have both risks and benefits, using medicines safely and scrutinizing drug safety issues are crucial to minimize potential drug-related risks.

The Korea Institute of Drug Safety and Risk Management (KIDS) was established in April 2012 to enhance national health quality through prevention and recognition of drug-related issues. As a public institution managing drug safety, KIDS supports evidence-based decisions in drug safety by promoting adverse drug event (ADE) report, assessing drug safety information, performing causality assessments, developing drug utilization review (DUR) criteria, disseminating safety information and providing education to the public.

The KIDS will continue to enhance a comprehensive drug safety management system that systematically evaluates domestic and foreign drug safety information. With the emerging era of big data, we are going to construct a system that allows systematic analysis of from large-scaled drug safety data. Furthermore, we will strive to enlighten and raise awareness on the importance of drug safety management to healthcare professionals and the general public.

To protect the public from drug-related risks and establish a reliable drug safety management system, KIDS will enthusiastically detect pending drug safety issues and provide effective solutions. Our work cannot be done without your active support and concern.

Thank you.

Soon Young Han,
President of the KIDS