History of RPVC

국민의 안전과 건강을 지키는 한국의약품안전관리원

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     Starting from 3 RPVCs designated from KFDA (now, MFDS) in 2006, the number of centers gradually increased to  6 in 2007 and to 9 in 2008. By 2011, it increased to 20 centers through Pharmacovigilance Research  Network (PVNet).


     Starting from 2012, the Korea Institute of Drug Safety and Risk Management (KIDS) has taken the role of central  center that manages all RPVCs - 22 RPVCs in 2013, and 27 RPVCs in 2019


     Since 2020, With the new RPVC for Korean Herbal Medicines, KIDS manages a totla of 28 RPVCs.

    The Number of RPVCs by year

    PV network in 2014