Current activities of RPVC

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  1. 1. AE reporting collection, evaluation, and achievement


     The RPVCs have individual electronic AE reporting systems. Each center builds collaborative relationships  with local healthcare providers to stimulate voluntary AE reporting.


     The number of voluntary AE reports, approximately 1000 reports per year in 2005, has been significantly  increased with initiation of RPVC in late 2006. Significant increase in the number of voluntary AE reports (more  than 3,000 reports per year) within a short period of time testifies the importance of RPVCs in stimulating AE  monitoring.

    Spontaneous AE Reports in RPVCs

  2. 2. Drug-AE intensive monitoring


     RPVCs continuously conduct intensive monitoring in special medicines and special populations, especially for  pediatrics and geriatrics.

      ➀ Special medicinal products designated by MFDS (oral contraceptives, appetite suppressants, NSAIDs,
      angiotensin II receptor antagonists, etc.)

      ➁ Special populations (i.e. pediatrics, geriatrics)

  3. 3. Surveillance of Drug-AEs and Education/Promotions


     In RPVCs, education and promotional campaigns regarding the importance of pharmacovigilance are done  periodically.


     The activities are as follows: production and distribution of newsletters, press-release update in the bulletin.

    Operating System of RPVC